Terms of Use for Third Parties

Effective as of 1 October 2020

1. Advertisement

  1. We are open to the advertisement from other parties if it doesn’t interfere with our values and Terms of Use.
  2. The pricing for these kind of advertisement is set individually with the ad provider.
  3. The advertisement provider is obliged to prepare an ad that will not violate any laws, that will not be an ad of our competition or will not contain content only for adults (like pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc.).
  4. Any advertisement on the HANDIEU will be marked as a one to distinguish it from other website’s content.

2. Partnership

  1. If you are a Third Party or our User, you have an idea of partnership, you can always contact us through our Contact Form. We are open to new ideas, better solutions or interesting projects.
  2. In case of partnership the terms will be set by a separate contract, however, they can not violate our values, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  3. Any content related to our partnerships will be mentioned in it, e.g. sponsored article will be clearly described.

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