Terms of Use for Sellers

Effective as of 1 October 2020

IMPORTANT: As of 01.01.2021 we need to apply some temporary changes related to the transfer of payment from a customer to the Seller due to implementation of SCA and 3D Secure solution – please look at the end of these Terms,

For Sellers

It is important to us that every User feels safe conducting Transactions on the HANDIEU platform. For this reason we need to make sure, as much as we can, that you actually do what you claim and that you fulfil the legal requirements for your activity.

1. Requirements

  1. Seller may be a natural person conducting business activity (in some cases, depending on the country, unregistered activity may be accepted), a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, but who can acquire rights and incur obligations on their own behalf.
  2. The Seller must conduct his activity in one of the countries from European Market. It means that you need to make your Products there (as Creator or Designer), as well as your Subcontractors (if applies) need also to make your Products on the European Market.
  3. Selling of Products might be performed via Stripe ( or other payment methods updated due time. Each Seller on HANDIEU, in order to sell, should create an individual Account on the Stripe website. Sales on our website can only be made via the Stripe platform.

2. Registration

Registration of the Account by the Sellers is necessary because we need to secure the rights of the Buyers optimally through process of Registration of the Sellers.    

  1. To become a Seller on HANDIEU, you must fill in Registration form that will appear after choosing one of the Membership Plans, using the appropriate form available on the HANDIEU website in the tab “For Sellers”.
  2. After submitting the form to the HANDIEU, the data and documents will be verified to confirm the subject of conducted activity.
  3. HANDIEU reserves the right to request additional documents or statements confirming business operations, including sending a verification code on the address indicated on the Registration form or requesting transfer of money from the official company account to prove your activity and rights. The amount indicated will be sent back by HANDIEU into indicated account. It serves only verification purposes.
  4. At each stage of Registration, e-mails will be sent to you confirming:
    1. Receipt of the Registration request by HANDIEU on the HANDIEU,
    2. Acceptance of the application by the HANDIEU and creation of an Account,
    3. Account activation.
  5. In the e-mail message about the receipt of the Registration request by the HANDIEU, you will also get description of a way to confirm the Registration (confirmation link) and other information required by law.

3. Contract with HANDIEU

  1. The contract between the Seller and the HANDIEU is concluded once the Registration by the Seller is confirmed and the Seller’s Account is activated.
  2. Your Account will be activated once HANDIEU approves the Registration form and you confirm your e-mail address and you pay (if applicable) for the selected Package from the Table of Fees and Commissions available here using the available payment methods. In the case when the payment is made from a different bank account than the one indicated in the Registration process, the HANDIEU has the right to make additional verification of your data.

3. Account

Your Seller’s Account is a website where you can manage your activity on the HANDIEU platform. In the Settings you can decide for example what kind of Products you will offer, how Buyers may find you or contact you and how you introduce yourself to them.

  1. To start selling Products through the HANDIEU platform you are obliged to (your profile can be off-line till you complete it):
    1. Provide and update your data set during Registration;
      1. Describe your activity so Buyers can get to know you and your work better;
      2. Set your Terms of Transaction, Returns, Guarantees, Delivery Prices and other general Conditions;
      3. Provide your address, phone number, e-mail address;
      4. Create or connect your account on the Stripe website.
    2. After Account activation, you gain the access to all the services provided by the HANDIEU under HANDIEU as a Seller e.g.:
      1. You can add Products;
      2. You can manage all data concerning your Orders;
      3. You can change your Membership Plan;
      4. You can set your own coupons.
    3. Connect your Stripe account or other available payment method to conduct all the transactions with HANDIEU and your customers.
    4. You are obliged to update the data contained in your Account’s settings on an ongoing basis.
    5. You gain access to the Account by entering the login or email address and password set during Registration. The use of automated solutions to log in to the HANDIEU platform, in particular software that triggers logging in, is at the risk of the User using such software
    6. One User may register and use only one Account. If your organization has more employees you can request a separate access for your Staff with a Contact Form or choose a Membership with Staff option.
    7. You may not use the Accounts of other Users and make the Account available to other persons, except in the cases of providing your Seller’s Account to persons duly authorized by the User to act on his behalf.
    8. Accounts on HANDIEU are not transferable. However, with the consent of the HANDIEU your Seller’s Account may be disposed of if you transfer to another entrepreneur the rights and obligations related to running the enterprise or part of it, in the form provided by law.
    9. One person may have few Accounts only if he has few different brands and each of them has a separate email address to conduct this activity. Before starting a new Account you should contact HANDIEU by email: to inform about the related brand and new Account registration. In case the brands are not different in products, HANDIEU may not accept your second Account.
    10. If your Account or activity under HANDIEU requires additional verification of the data referred to in the Requirements, or if the HANDIEU has reasonable concerns about the security of the Account or Transactions, in particular unauthorized acquisitions, HANDIEU can without a notice:
      1. Ask you to confirm your credibility with appropriate documents, including your identity,
      2. Temporarily limit access to specific services provided under HANDIEU,
      3. Suspend your Account for a definite or indefinite period,
      4. Change your promotional plan to one of the Basic ones
      5. Delete your account.

After the abovementioned circumstances, the HANDIEU will lift the restrictions applied to you.

4. Transaction

IMPORTANT: As of 01.01.2021 we need to apply some temporary changes into the points 5 and 6 of the section 4 Transaction, related to the transfer of payment from a customer to the Seller due to implementation of SCA and 3D Secure solution. Therefore, the Stripe fees will be charged to HANDIEU and NOT to a Seller. The final amount on Seller’s Account will remain the same – it only effects the payment flow.

  1. By submitting an offer on the HANDIEU platform, you declare that you have all the rights to sell the Product, the Product meets all safety standards required by law, you have all rights and required approvals regarding intellectual property rights to offer and sell the Product.
  2. As a Seller you have access to Buyer’s data required to complete the order (name and surname, address, telephone number).
  3. Once you set an Offer on our platform and the customer chooses your Product by adding it to the cart, the Transaction begins. It can be abandoned by the customer, unpaid or cancelled and this kind of orders will be removed automatically after 7 days.
  4. You can proceed with preparing the package once the payment is done by the customer. Those orders will be visible for you as “Pending approval”.
  5. Commission payments will be automatically charged by the payment processing provider (Stripe) and redirected to your Stripe Account.
  6. Please note that Stripe or other payments processing company will apply their own fees.
  7. The funds will be available to you once a Customer pays for the order. In some cases of processing payments with Coupons or Gift Cards the payment can be extended to 7 days after Order placement.
  8. You are also obliged to mark your Orders “In Process” when you start working on them, add “Shipping Code” to the Buyer, when you send the package and mark the Order “Completed” when the delivery is received. You need to collect all this information also as your legal requirements towards your tax authorities.
  9. You can withdraw your funds from your Stripe account at any time after money is collected at the account. However, if your account on Stripe is not fully verified, Stripe may block your withdrawals. It is on your responsibility to finish your verification process with Stripe.
  10. By making any sales transaction on the HANDIEU platform you undertake to execute the payment through Stripe’s payment services on the terms and conditions specified by Stripe in relevant documents published on At the same time, you agree to indemnify and hold HANDIEU harmless from any liability in the event of a breach of the terms and conditions for the execution of payments through the Stripe platform to the fullest extent permitted by law in accordance with Terms of Use > Disclaimer > Indemnity. 
  11. HANDIEU is not a party to the transaction between the users of the service, therefore, to the extent permitted by law, it does not bear any responsibility for the content of the offer, compliance of products with the offer, quality of products. Full control and responsibility for the offer and product is borne by the Seller. Moreover, HANDIEU does not approve or process the payment and is not responsible for making the payment, does not send the Seller’s products and is not responsible for their proper delivery.

5. Membership

Periodical Fee for using our platform, having an Account, being visible to Buyers, sharing your work and shop on-line. It is like renting a space on a real market, except in this case we are an on-line marketplace and we “rent” you space on our website.

  1. We offer one Membership Plan that is for free (doesn’t require monthly/annual payments) and it is the only one available if you apply for the first time.
  2. In order to proceed with an offer and/or transaction on our website you have to start from the free membership plan.
  3. Paid Membership Plans will be available to you when we will see your progress on the website – the quality of your offer, descriptions, setting and following that – sales from customers. This trial period is not defined and each case is treated individually.
  4. Rates and fees depending on the Membership Plan are available here.
  5. If there are any promotion Membership Plans they are available here.
  6. Membership fees will be a subject to a separate invoice apart from the monthly invoice for commissions collected.
  7. In case of vacation mode without visibility of your shop on HANDIEU and collecting orders for longer than 14 days, you can apply for a proportional reduction of your subscription plan by contacting HANDIEU support by email: After verification of your case, HANDIEU will answer you within 7 days and the reverse payment will be made within next 14 days. However, if you leave your plan without the payment during this period or unsubscribe on Stripe, you plan will be definately cancelled and you will not be able to bring it back (in case of decreasing commission rates you will need to start over).

6. Commission from sold Products

As a basis we take Commission from the sold Products and the Commission rate may vary depending on the Membership Plan that you have chosen. Transaction fee charged by secure payments service providers is not included in this Commission.

  1. The service bases mostly on commission from sold products. More information about plans and pricing you can find here.
  2. Our Commission is calculated from your Product price, delivery costs, eventual packaging price included, taxes applied, additional services. It does not decrease after applying your coupons by a Buyer.
  3. You will get a summary invoice from HANDIEU after each closed month of sales.

7. Advertisement

  1. We consider as an advertisement any kind of promotion of a Product or Seller that will appear in the areas on the website dedicated for ads or will be incorporated in the articles with a link.
  2. The advertisement possibilities and rates are described here.

8. Promotions

  1. Promotions are some discounts offered to particular products or services by HANDIEU for a fixed period of time and are announced and described on separate documents.
  2. Not to confuse the Users, on HANDIEU will be visible only current promotions terms. If you want to check previous promotions terms, you have to use a Contact Form specifying which terms you need.

9. Termination of the contract

You can terminate our contract whenever you want, however you need to pay before whatever you owe us if there is any debt on your Account. If you decided for an annual subscription you are using a reduced rate per month and you will need to pay for the used and started months at a standard rate.

HANDIEU may also terminate the contract at any moment, especially under circumstances mentioned in the point 3.9. of this document.

10. Contracts with Buyers

  1. Your contracts with Buyers base on your Offer, so you need to make sure you:
  2. Describe your Products accordingly, provide true statement of fabrics and materials used in the process of preparation, as well as their origin, all licenses, certificates if applicable for your type of Product, terms of use of the Product, its’ eventual maintenance and conservation;
    1. Provide the total price of the goods or services inclusive of taxes;
    2. All guarantees of the Product according to the law (origin of the Buyer);
    3. Provide the Buyers any special terms regarding the Transaction;
    4. Provide payment methods acceptable (depending also on availability on HANDIEU);
    5. Provide delivery methods including their pricing;
    6. Inform about any taxes applicable and included in the price;
    7. Provide privacy policy – you can not keep any personal data of the Buyers unless they agree on it. In such case you need to exactly describe what data you will save, how you will use it and other requirements defined by GDPR and get their clear consent to it – it cannot be simply said that once they buy you keep their data for marketing purposes;
    8. Provide the Buyer with proper information, where a right of withdrawal exists, the conditions, time limit and procedures for exercising that right;
    9. Provide the Buyer, where applicable, that they will have to bear the cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal and, for distance contracts, if the goods, by their nature, cannot normally be returned by post, the cost of returning the goods;
    10. Provide terms of returns and complaints;
    11. Provide terms of annulation or cancelation of the contract.
  3. If HANDIEU has some doubts about your Product that may influence the safety of the Buyers, it may hide it (unpublish, switch to draft) or delete from the list without a notice.
  4. HANDIEU may also apply on some Sellers the requirement of Product confirmation by HANDIEU.

IMPROTANT: Temporary solution

  1. Starting from 01.01.2021 HANDIEU will charge the Seller also with Stripe fees.
  2. The transaction will be transfered to the Seller from HANDIEU’s Stripe Account but still the Seller remains the business beneficiary of the payment.
  3. This affects also returns procedure that normally the Seller had the possibility to process though his Stripe account. In case of returns from 01.01.2021, the Seller has two options to proceed:
    1. Ask the Customer for a bank account number or other preferable solution of his choice and proceed independently.
    2. Ask to proceed though HANDIEU – sending first refund to HANDIEU (including all collected fees) that HANDIEU will transfer back on Seller’s behalf.
  4. These changes are valid until further notice.