Terms of Use for Buyers

Effective as of 1 October 2020

1. Requirements

  1. Buyer may be a natural person who is at least 18 years old and has full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, but who can acquire rights and incur obligations on their own behalf.
  2. The Buyer can come from any place in the world, unless there are some sanctions upon your country or a Seller has excluded the country from his list (except EU countries which all can buy and sell).
  3. To become a HANDIEU Buyer, you may sign up for Registration of the Buyer’s Standard Account, which in addition to the possibility of making a purchase and its implementation, gives an access to current promotions and loyalty programs for Buyers, access to your Wishlist and messages with Sellers, as well as the ability to personalize the Account and safe default features like payment method, billing and delivery addresses.
  4. However, the Buyer doesn’t need to register to finalize Transaction. You can complete the Transaction by providing information needed only to finalize a single purchase of the Products from the Seller.

2. Contract with HANDIEU

  1. In case of registered Buyer, the contract is binding once the Account is activated by the Buyer by clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail received from HANDIEU, the subject of which are the services provided by the HANDIEU under HANDIEU platform, under the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions for Buyers and in the General Terms of Use.
  2. In the case of single purchase, upon the purchase of the Product, the User concludes a contract the subject of which are the services provided by the HANDIEU under the conditions set out in the General Terms of Use.

3. Registration

Buyers don’t need to register on our HANDIEU platform. In this case we will only ask for your data to finalize your single Transaction. But you can make an Account, so you don’t need to write your data down every time you want to buy something through our HANDIEU website. We also prepare some promotions and programs for registered Users so you can enjoy our platform even more.

  1. Buyers can register on the main website of HANDIEU using default Registration form. You only need to provide us with data that will be necessary to close Transaction for you (your name and surname, your address, your phone number your e-mail address, chosen login name (nickname) and password). The details regarding your chosen payment method may be provided in the end of each Transaction – you don’t need to save them on your Account;
  2. At each stage of Registration, e-mails will be sent to you confirming:
    1. Receipt of the Registration request by HANDIEU on the HANDIEU platform,
    2. Creation of your Account and its activation.
  3. In the e-mail message about the receipt of the Registration request by the HANDIEU Company, you will find also a way of confirming the Registration (confirmation link) and additional information required by the law.
  4. You can activate your Account only by clicking the link sent to you via e-mail. Otherwise you will not be able to access it.

4. Account

Your Buyer’s Account is simply a website where you can manage your activity on HANDIEU. In the Settings you can decide which data you want us to collect for example the Products you liked, the Sellers you would like to buy from or simply your previous carts. You can change those preferences anytime you want.

  1. After Account activation you gain the access to all the services provided by the HANDIEU under HANDIEU platform as a Buyer:
  2. You can see all the offers, special offers, promotions, all comments;
    1. You can purchase Products from Sellers;
    2. You can comment and rate Products that you bought and Sellers that you bought them from;
    3. You can message the Sellers to get some detailed information about the Product; You can add Products to your Wishlist and share it with others.
  3. You gain access to the Account by entering the login or email address and password set during Registration. The use of automated solutions to log in to the HANDIEU platform, in particular software that triggers logging in, is at the risk of the User using such software.
  4. One User may register and use only one Account. The User is obliged to inform the HANDIEU should the account be used by family members of the User. In any case the User is responsible for use of the Account by third parties.
  5. You may not use the Accounts of other Users and make the Account available to other persons, except in the case of providing the Buyer’s Account to your spouse by placing his/her data in the appropriate form. Spouses who jointly use the Account shall be jointly and severally liable for the actions taken under this Account.
  6. Accounts on HANDIEU are not transferable, with the provision that with the consent of the HANDIEU Company:
    1. The Account may be disposed of if you transfer to another entrepreneur the rights and obligations related to running the enterprise or part of it, in the form provided for by law;
    2. The Account may be transferred to your spouse.
  7. If the User’s Account or activity under HANDIEU requires additional verification of the data referred to in Requirements, or if the HANDIEU has reasonable concerns about the security of the Account or Transactions, in particular unauthorized acquisitions, HANDIEU might:
    1. Ask you to confirm your credibility with appropriate documents, including your identity,
    2. Temporarily limit your access to specific services provided under HANDIEU,
    3. Suspend your Account for a definite or indefinite period.
  8. After the abovementioned circumstances, the HANDIEU will lift the restrictions applied to the Buyer.

5. Transaction

  1. Seller details are hidden. You can discover them after verification with recaptcha. Seller’s data shall be also displayed when confirming the order. The terms of sale are always public.
  2. To set an order you need to choose Products and proceed to checkout.
  3. In the checkout form – if not filled automatically – you will need to fill up the required fields in order to be able to finalize the transaction (your full name, address, phone number, e-mail address). If your package is supposed to be delivered as a gift for someone else, you should check the field “Ship to a different address/Shipping address/Delivery address” and add data of a person who should receive the order (name, address). Please note that you will be still a contact person for the delivery company (your phone number and e-mail).
  4. Your order will be proceeded by the Seller once you pay for it using available options or credit or debit card which are secured by Stripe.
  5. If your payment fails or some other circumstances occur that the payment is not finalized you can do it within 7 days. After that time the order will be automatically cancelled.
  6. For the purpose of any later cancellations or complaints dissolving your completed orders will be stored by us for 6 months. After that period your data will be anonymized and retained.
  7. The Seller will receive your payment once the Order status is marked as “Completed”, which means that you have got the delivery. You will be notified about it by e-mail. If the transaction was not completed, you have 24h to notify HANDIEU about the fact which will put the payment “on hold”.

6. Termination of the contract

You may terminate your contract with us at any time. You simply have to fill the Resignation Form available on your Account and pay all dues to HANDIEU or a Seller, if there are some.

7. Guarantees

We are not a producer of the Products so we can’t give you any guarantees on the Products bought through our platform. The guarantees can be only granted by the Sellers and according to the law applicable depending on the type of product and as mentioned by Seller in the Product details.

If there is a guarantee applicable you should contact the Seller directly using our tools (Contact Seller).

8. Contract with a Seller

  1. The contract with a Seller is binding the moment you set an order and explicitly accept that the order implies an obligation to pay for the Product using chosen payment method.
  2. The contract is between you and the Seller, not HANDIEU Company. Because of it, the terms set by the Seller in his Offer are binding. However, if they are not compatible with our Terms of Use or applicable law, you may always notify us using Contact form “Violation report” available on our HANDIEU website.
  3. In case you are unsatisfied with the Product or its’ delivery, please contact the Seller directly, using tools available on HANDIEU (Contact Seller).
  4. Please remember we are not a party to the contract and we are not responsible for the result of the Transaction. However, in some cases, eg.  when the contact with the Seller has failed, we might help you. In such case please use our general Contact form and describe the subject of your complaint and all circumstances of the Transaction.
  5. We hope it won’t come to that, but if nothing helps from the solutions above, you will need to resolve the dispute by the court of your origin or the one you choose, according to the law.
  6. You shall have a period of 14 days to withdraw from a contract, without giving any reason, and without incurring any costs other than those provided for in information from the Seller in the Product offering in accordance with biding law. However, you may not withdraw from a contract in case the Product was prepared on your individual order, it is non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to your specification or a servant to satisfy your individual needs, e.g. a tailor-made suit, furniture made according to dimensions and with materials selected by the customer, jewellery with engraving. The Seller should inform you that you cannot withdraw from the contract before you make an Order.
  7. In the event of withdrawal, the contract shall be deemed not concluded. The Seller is obliged to immediately (no later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of your declaration of withdrawal from the contract) return all your payments, including the cost of delivery of the goods. On the other hand, you are obliged to return the item bought immediately, but not later than 14 days from the date on which you have withdrawn from the contract unless the Seller suggested that he would pick up the item himself. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send back the items before its expiry.

9. Complaints

If you have complaints regarding our platform, you can submit a message via Contact Form or special form “Complaint”.

Complaints regarding the products should be sent directly to the Seller according to his Returns Policies.

10. Satisfaction rates and comments

  1. Remember that after each Transaction you have a possibility to comment and rate the Seller and his Product. This is also a good way to express your dissatisfaction and helps others to make their decision .
  2. Rating and comments system is supposed to help other Users to make a good choice of a Seller and a Product. It is not obligatory but recommended.
  3. All of your rates and comment will be visible to others under your username or your first name that you provide on your Account.
  4. After each Transaction you can rate your Transaction, Seller you bought Product from, and the Product itself. For this purpose we provide you a 5-star rating system, where you can give your rates for each parts of the Transaction:
    1. Product as Described
    2. Contact with Handcrafter
    3. Buy Again or Recommend to a Friend
  5. You can also leave a comment and a photo of a real Product that you have got from the Seller. By doing so you agree that HANDIEU can use it for promotion purposes on it’s website, social media and with cooperating parties.