Photos and Videos Requirements

Effective as of 1 October 2020

Photos and videos are very important to present your offer properly. We understand that you may want to upload them in the best possible quality. However, this will effect the website loading time – e.g. your picture may load longer than others and this way your potential customer may not even see it scrolling the page down.

There are different fields in your account where you can and it is recommended to add a photo. Those photos will be featured in different places so for each of them we recommend to use different photo size.

Product photos
Cover product photo (Featured image)

Cover product photo is the main photo that will be featured on the listings. Therefore, it is the best to have it in square format (or close to). We recommend to use size between 800 x 800 px and 1200 x 1200 px.

Other product photos (Galery image)

Other product photos will be featured once the customer is on the product page so it is not required to make them in a square, especially that you may have some products that would not fit well. However, try to upload them also in dimensions between 800 and 1200 px.

Banner photo

Banner is the main picture displayed on your store page. Recommended dimensions are 2000 x 400 px. On mobile phones it will be displayed in 500 x 100 px, but your banner will be resized propotionaly resized.

Logo size

Your logo will not be displayed in a big format, so dimentions in square between 300 and 500 px will be enough.

Photos in text fields

Those ones are up to your vision of your shop. We recommend to have one size used for all of them so customer or one ratio of propotions for all of them, so it doesn’t disturb your potential buyers. Their size should also be between 800 and 1200 px.