Payments Transfers Service Providers

Effective as of 1 October 2020


General information

On HANDIEU we accept credit and debit card payments secured by Stripe.

Payments for sellers

To be able to process transactions you have to create a Connected Account with our platform. The connecting link you will find in your Dashboard in section Payments. Once you connect your Stripe Account with the platform you will be able to receive payments from your customers.

Conditions of the Stripe services are available on

Please remember that Stripe reserves the right to suspend or terminate provision of Services to any Connected Account at any time if Stripe determines that the Connected Account’s activities (a) violate Stripe’s Underwriting Policies or the Stripe Connected Account Agreement; (b) are listed on the Restricted Businesses List; or (c) otherwise reflect negatively on the brand or reputation of Stripe, a Financial Services Provider, or a Payment Method Provider.

Fees & Commissions

Stripe is charging 1,4% commission and 0,25 € per transaction. Additional charges may apply for each withdrawal from your account on Stripe.

Managing withdrawals

You manage yourself the funds on your Stripe account (not on the platform) and you decide when you want to withdraw the money to your bank account. Please note that Stripe may charge you for each withdrawal.

Managing refunds

We hope you will not need to use this option and all your customers will be satisfied with your products, however, if you get the refund request, you are the one responsible for making the refund through your Stripe account.

You may first get the refund request through the platform and after you will need to process it through your Stripe account appoving refund. In this case no fees or commissions charged before by Stripe or HANDIEU will not be reimbursed.

By default customer may request refund max. in 30 days (that is the maximum time applicable in some of EU countries). However, if you have some different terms of refunds you may decline this request and rely on your terms of transaction (if it is not in contradiction with laws).