Fees and Commissions

Effective as of 14 November 2020

With HANDIEU everybody starts with free membership plan and 10 products to see how the project develops and to focus on the offer’s quality and not the quantity. Later on you can choose if you want to increase your product limit and to make with the community common marketing activities.

We believe that each of you can try to make a campaign alone, but it takes time and a lot of moeny. But if we make these campaigns together, more people will find out about you and you may have more time for what you actually love doing – your crafts! 🙂

Membership Plan for everyone who starts
Contract lengthIndefinite
Monthly feeFREE
Commission on transaction10%
Transaction fee (Stripe)1,4% + 0,25 €
Products limit10
MB space limit100 MB
*Number of products published. There are NO additional listing fees.
**After trial period you can be offered paid plans below but without obligation to change.

We believe that the longer you contribute to the project you should pay less! So your commission will be degressive, the more you sell on HANDIEU!

Paid Membership Plans available after trial period for Sellers
Membership name:StarterBasicStandardPremium
Contract lengthIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefinite
Commission10%10%Degressive 10%-7%Degressive 8%-5%
Monthly feeFREE5 €10 €15 €
Transaction fee (Stripe)1,4% + 0,25 €1,4% + 0,25 €1,4% + 0,25 €1,4% + 0,25 €
Products limit*10204060
MB space limit100 MB200 MB500 MB800 MB
Featured products limit2355
Video banner or slider banner on profileNOYESYESYES
Recommended badgeNONONOYES
Staff membersNONO25
*Number of products published. There are NO additional listing fees.
General conditions

All Membership Plans are valid for indefinite period of time can be changed or cancelled at any time. More about termination of the contract in general conditions for Sellers.

After changing a plan with degressive rate, the previous sales will not be included in the calculation of your commission rate.

In case of vacation mode without visibility of your shop on HANDIEU and collecting orders for longer than a week, you can apply for a proportional reduction of your subscription plan by contacting HANDIEU support by email: More in general conditions for Sellers.

Degressive rates for Standard and Premium Memberships
Transactions Value
(cumulated with no time limit)
Standard Commission RatePremium Commission Rate
<=1.000 €10%8%
1.000-2.500 €9,5%7,5%
2.500-4.000 €9%7%
4.000-6.000 €8,5%6,5%
6.000-8.000 €8%6%
8.000-10.000 €7,5%5,5%
>10.000 €7%5%
More you sell – the lower commission you pay!