🌀 Ammonite macramé necklace 🌀


Surrealist Reality ~ Million Years Old Fossil ~ Macramé Ammonite Necklace

Ammonites were a species of sea creatures that became extinct together with the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. So the age of this fossil is anywhere between 400 and 66 million years. Yeah, that’s a long time ago!!! So you can truly say you’re wearing a unique piece of history around your neck!

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I bought this fossil while traveling in Morocco (the lovely coastal medina of Essaouira 💗 ) and ever since I got it, I couldn’t stop thinking of Dali’s melting clocks paintings. As if time was irrelevant and we live eternally, in one form or another ⌛

I chose a simple and durable knot-work that shines light on the beautiful spiral inside the Ammonite. The little stone above is a Tiger’s Eye, matching in color and symbolism: unity of Earth’s energy with the bright power of the Sun ~ what above, so bellow.

This necklace is super resistant and you can pull it as much as you want, shower with it as often as you please and really wear it daily. I won’t advertise it as lasting as long as the fossil, cuz that’s not gonna happen 😀 but it will hopefully accompany you throughout your life journey. 


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