5 out of 5


My name is Kasia, I work as a bank clerk for a living- as everyone know, the world of economy is very stressful. I started making jewelry to relax myself.

At first just for me, then for my family and friends, and finally the Kammelleon brand has been founded. Kammelleon reflects women perfectly- once we want to be elegant and modest, the next second we want to shine bright during both day and night. Who can forbid us to be sensual at one time, either shy princess or a self- confident, sexy woman of success at the other time.

The brand’s mission is making every exceptional and unique woman dreams come true.

The inspiration for my jewelry is taken from the world that surrounds me, its colors and shapes.

Thank you all for being here and supporting me. You’re giving me a lot of good energy, that I’m trying to double and give it back to you in every sent jewelry box. Besides jewelry presented on the virtual shelves I offer you the possibility of making personalized jewelry- the one you dream of!