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As a fragrance-sensitive person, who loves the flicker of candle flame, I gravitate towards natural clean-burning candles with no or very mild scent. But they still need to be special! Now I make handcrafted beeswax and rapeseed candles. I put emphasis on short supply chain (all my suppliers are from Europe), sustainability, non-toxic character of the candles, and zero waste approach. Read more about this on my shop website.

I started making candles for two reasons: because it was hard to find what I was looking for, and because I hated to throw out the leftovers of the candles that I valued so much. Now I am ready to share the fruits of my labour with others. Join me on this journey, enjoy beautiful handcrafted candles, collect tips on how to properly care for them and follow along as our love for candles grows.


P.S.: You will find a blog about all things candles on my website. Make sure you visit!