FAQ for Customers

Where can I see shipping costs?

To see shipping costs you have to check your cart page. Each Handcrafter has its own shipping rates for different countries and it is calculated in the end in your cart.

Some of the Handcrafters offer also free shipping starting from some amount and you will also see in on the cart page under the products table.

We are working on some calculator that will make it easier to see the costs already on a product page. We will update you soon!

Can I buy on HANDIEU if I am not from EU country?

Unfortunately, for the moment it is not possible. However, we want the products to be available in whole Europe, so you can stay updated by following our Facebook fanpage.

Why can’t I buy from many Handcrafters at once?

This is due to the payments processing solution that we have for the moment. We want to develop different solution but it also requires bigger scale of the project. Stay with us and help us make it even better! 🙂

How can I contact a Handcrafter?

If you didn’t order anything yet or you have ordered something but don’t have an account, you can use “Contact handcrafter” form on Handcrafter’s profile or an “Ask a question” button next to the product picture.

If you have already an order by this Handcrafter and have an account on HANDIEU, you can go to your orders list to View the order and add a Note to it. You can also add some file there if you need, e.g. if a Handcrafter makes you something based on a photo 🙂

If you need a help after the purchase is completed and your product delivered, you can go to your orders list and choose “Support” button next to the order you have problems with.

What is the difference between “Ready to be shipped in x days/weeks” and shipping time?

Our Handcrafters mostly make your products on order so sometimes they need more time to prepare it. Therefore, you can see how long it can take for them to make it and on the other hand, how long it can take for shipping itself.

How can I pay for my order?

For the moment we use Stripe for credit and debit cards processing. We are working on other implementations to give you more choice.

If you have another question, you can contact us through our contact form 🙂

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