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My name is Simona and I love to knit and crochet. I learned the basics as a child, from my amazing grandmothers, whose spirits accompany me to this day each time I loop yarn through yarn. Throughout the years, this hobby has helped feed my need to create, as well as keeping my tendency to fidget under control. I usually knit while watching a movie, or travelling (and, lately, while sitting in videocalls during long lockdowns :). I love the feel of yarn between my fingers, the simplicity of creating one eyelet at a time, and the satisfaction I get when I see the piece growing and taking shape.

I like to play with patterns, colors and textures, I put a lot of thought and time in my pieces. I prefer natural fibers (cotton, wool, linen), but I do sometimes choose synthetic yarns, when I find something that looks and feels nice. I hope you will enjoy them, and please share your feedback to help me improve.

I knit all my garments by hand (not using machines of any kind). I make and store all my knits and crochets in a pet-free, non-smoking environment.

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