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Crochet Punch

Welcome to the world of Crochet Punch!

Crochet Punch is a brand created by a couple: Anna and Peter.
Anna has been crocheting since she remembers, she simply loves doing it. Even as a little girl she designed and sewed clothes and accessories (e.g. bags) for dolls. 
Until recently, Anna worked as a manager in a large corporation and she got to know the management of the company from the inside out. She decided to combine her experience with her passion for crocheting and that is how Crochet Punch was created.
Peter loves motorcycles and photography. In his day job, Peter is a professional truck driver, and in his free time, supports Anna in pursuing her passion of crocheting.
Anna and Peter are also united by their love for music. Peter plays the guitar and composes his own songs and Anna learns to play the guitar.

At Crochet Punch, you will find unique decorations for the children’s rooms and more. Handmade rugs and pillows that will change any interior. We use the highest quality materials for our products. When creating, we put our hearts into our work and take care of every detail so that you are satisfied.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

If you like our work but have not found what you are looking for, write to us and together with you we will design a product that will match your interior.