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Hello 🙂 

Welcome to my world! My name is Marta and I am 40 years old, I live in the capital of Poland, in beautiful Warsaw. 

Until recently, my life revolved around my professional career. I managed a group of over 300 people in a huge corporation, but I don’t want to write more about it here, because I’ve left this part of my life behind.

I love the theater and I realize this love by co-creating the theatrical group „Zapis Fonetyczny” („Phonetic Notation”), which I support technically by taking care of sound and lights during our shows.

Sometimes I also try my hand at acting. Here is our short film (less than 6 minutes long, with English subtitles), submitted to the international competition “48 Hour Film Project”:  . I’m the one who sat down on a cake 😉 .

At the moment we cannot perform live because of the pandemic, and this, believe me, is very painful for us.

Regarding my work: 5 years ago I discovered the technique of decoupage decoration and so I started my adventure with creative arts. It was my way of relaxing. Everyone in the family and friends were given beautiful pictures and boxes made by me. 

Sometimes beautiful items decorated with decoupage technique can appear in my store. If you find such an object, you should know that it is a unique opportunity, because currently I rarely work with this technique… and this is because 4 years ago I went one step further and started to paint pictures. 

I fell in love with painting abstractions using acrylic paints. In my work I mix many techniques, because acrylic paints, depending on the medium added, allowing to bring out on canvas truly magical and fairy tale visions.

I constantly create and experiment so you can expect surprising and beautiful works.

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