Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that are stored by your web browser. They contain collections of information that are stored on your computer when you visit the Website. Then, during each subsequent visit they are sent back to the Website, from which they were collected, or to another, which recognizes the cookie.

Cookies are useful because they allow the website to recognize a user device when re-visiting the Website. We want to know which categories you visit more often than others, so we can work to perfectly tailor our offer and the manner of its presentation to your needs. It is you who provides us with knowledge on how we should develop and what your needs are.

Cookies do not destroy or damage in any way the system on your computer, stored files, nor deliberately adversely affect its performance or functionality. Identification is impersonal, anonymous and the data only contains information on the manner and form of using the Website.

For more information on cookies, please go to: or “Help” section of your web browser.

This policy regarding cookies is an integral part of the Website’s Privacy Policy.

Why do we use cookies

The Website uses cookies to:

  1. provide services;
  2. customise the contents of the Websites to match your preferences and optimise the use of such websites; the cookies in particular allow to recognise your device and display the Website in an appropriate manner, according to your individual needs;
  3. create statistics which provide insight into the manner in which the Users use the Website, which enables us to improve its structure and contents;
  4. present advertisements in a manner tailored to your unique needs and interests, and your place of residence;
  5. ensure the safety and reliability of the Website.

Types of cookies used

There are two basic types of cookies used by the Web Service:

  1. session – these are temporary files that are stored on your end device until logging out, leaving the Website or disabling software (web browser); and
  2. persistent – these are files are stored on your end device during the time specified in the parameters of such cookies or until they are deleted by you.

Due to the purpose of the Website we use the following types of cookies:

  1. required cookies – these are the files necessary for the smooth movement around the Website and the use of all functions of the Website. Your consent to our use of these cookies is not required;
  2. performance cookies – collect information on how the Website is used by the user, such as the most frequently visited sites and messages when errors occur. They do not collect identifying information about users. Their aim is to improve the functioning of the Website;
  3. functionality cookies – these files allow the site to remember the choices made (if any) by the user (user name, language or region) and provide features tailored to individual needs (if such features are available). For example, the site can be used to store changes to text size, fonts and other personalized web page elements. Information collected in these files is anonymous and does not track user’s activity on other sites;
  4. advertising cookies – they help in providing advertisements corresponding to the user’s interests. They can collect information about the habits of using web browsers and customize the ads to the user’s interests;
  5. statistical cookies – to collect and calculate statistics concerning the Website

Please be advised that in addition to our own cookies we also use external cookies published by our partners through the Website, in particular for advertising and statistical purposes.

Cookies published on your end device through the Website can also be used by our partners.

Cookies management

Probably your browser by default is configured to accept all cookies.

You can, however, independently and at any time change the settings for cookies, specifying conditions of their storage and access by cookies to your end device. You can make changes to the settings referred to by using the settings of your web browser. Such settings may be changed in the menu of the web browser in particular to block the automatic acceptance of cookies or to require notification each time Cookies are stored on your end device. Detailed information on the possibilities and manners of managing cookie files is available in the settings of the software used (web browser).

If such changes are not made that means that cookies may be placed and stored on your end device, and thus we will store cookies on your end device and access them.

In addition, at any time, you can delete cookies using the features available in the web browser you are using.

Keep in mind that restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionality available through our Web site.

Links to other websites and external services

This Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites and companies, whose contact details are given on the Website.

In the case of links to other web pages posted on the Website we reserve that we may not be held responsible for the privacy practices of the owners of these domains and websites. Before you start to use third-party websites, please read the relevant documentation on privacy protection.