FAQ for Handcrafters

How can I become a seller on HANDIEU?

To become a Seller on HANDIEU you should have some project ready that you have already launched on your local market. We need to see that you have made some effort to make your own business and reaching European market is your next step.

If you need some support on preparing from a business perspective we recommend that you start from reading and adapting for your own needs the tips that are available on our Seller’s platform:

Once you are ready, you can apply on .

How does the platform work?

First step during your registration is to choose a membership plan. In each of them the community of Handcrafters is actually contributing to the development of the platform but also paid membership plans are a great motivation for you to make things well, put some effort in creating your offer and shop.

But unlike others we believe that you should be rewarded for your contribution and work long-term and get additional benefits the longer you are with us! So the more you sell, the longer you are, your commission decreases and when you reach a certain point we may offer you some tailor-made membership plan.

And there are other tools dedicated for Handcrafters that we have already started and more that we develop. Check them on which is a platform for Handcrafters only.

What are the other benefits on HANDIEU?

There are many benefits except the fact that you can reach European market. We try to show you that you should look long-term at your project and we try to make it easier for you when it grows.

We create more possibilities for you to diversify your business with a scale of a big company:

  • you get a team work that you miss as a sole entrepreneur and that can actually help you get some other ideas for development,
  • you get many tips and interesting inspirations on our blog:,
  • you get another marketplace for digitals only there (we separate them),
  • you get contact to our partners who can support you in specific topics of legal or accounting matters
  • and more that we will develop soon and let’s not reveal everything now 🙂

Can I join HANDIEU if I don’t have a company?

It is actually a matter of your local law so please contact some legal advisor in your country. In some countries you don’t need to register a company but still are obliged to register for EU-VAT for the services that we provide.

Why there are product limits? Can’t I have more products than 10?

On HANDIEU there are product limits depending on your membership plan – from 10 to 60 products. There is no possibility to get more. We believe that this marketplace should give you all similar chances to present your offer so you compete with quality and design and not with numbers or prices.

The product limit applies to the number of published products. So if you have some archived it won’t count it.

What are the fees on HANDIEU?

There are commissions and periodic fees. However, the longer you are a part of HANDIEU and the more you sell, you commission decreases and when you reach a certain level you may be offered a special membership adjusted to your past contribution. Yes, we like to say thank you in many ways 🙂

Can I join HANDIEU if I am not from EU country?

Unfortunately not for the moment. Soon we will start to spread our services to other European countries but if you are not from Europe then unfortunately not. There are some global marketplaces that you can join if you are looking for some sales.

If you want to stay up-to-date on these matters join newsletter from our platform for Sellers and join our FB group: .

Why can’t I be accepted as a company without EU-VAT number?

It is because of the European law. Once you start cooperating with HANDIEU, you take services from us and we are located in Luxembourg, so you are obliged to register for EU-VAT number even if you are not an active VAT tax payer.

How can I get promoted on HANDIEU’s social media?

We try to promote everyone but it is also a matter of your photos quality. The same for your story on the front page – you need to update your shop with “About us” section and add a photo of yourself.

As for longer articles about our handcrafters this is a paid option which you can buy on our portal dedicated to Handcrafters:

Can I add some staff members to my shop?

Yes, but only in Premium Memberships that will be available after trial period on Starter Plan. We will notify you when you can choose it.

How should I set my shop and make my products?

Once you are registered, you get the access to our Knowledge Base where you can find all the instructions how to set up your shop and make your first products. Check also our blog for some useful tips about business, marketing and selling online! We also share more on our European Handmade Crafters group 🙂

What is Stripe and why is it asking me for my documents?

Stripe is a payments processing service provider so they need to verify your identity to protect our customers from any financial crimes. That is a legal obligation for any financial companies in EU.

My application was rejected. Why?

If your application was rejected, you have got an email from us explaining the reason. Sometimes, we may not be able to verify your profile based on the information provided. Our customers’ safety is a priority for us and we have to look at your application from many perspectives. If you are not sure what you are doing wrong check our blog where we explain how to become a reliable seller.

What do our Handcrafters say about HANDIEU?

"There was never enough time and everything requires time. Then my handcrafts business was always postponed... Untill I met Aga and she has shown me different directions and gave me a lot of motivation to make it finally come true and the feeling that I am not alone in it!"

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"I am happy to have this possibility to learn so much! Yes! Because I have realized that I was making all possible mistakes while preparing my business before and now I feel that I am on the good way,
even if it still requires some time
to develop :)"

Image is not available

"Thank you for people like Aga: enterprising, passionate, showing initiative and collecting sensitive people like me, a bit clumsy and lost in the world of social media, marketing, still having trouble getting to people, self-confidence and their own creative possibilities..."

Image is not available

HANDIEU is the first handmade platform that has established direct contact with me and has shown a keen interest in my work.
I recommend HANDIEU to every handcrafter, both beginners and experienced, who are looking for an alternative to existing forms of sale."

Image is not available

"This is a selected offer,
authentic people behind, variety
of crafts and nothing "made in China" that is destroying our local market.
You feel that you belong
to a unique community"

Image is not available

"I have just started my adventure with handicrafts and first thing was to create an account on the biggest platform. But I was discouraged in the very beginning - everything so complicated and so hard to actually be seen. With HANDIEU I have learned, not only how the platform works but also how to make my own business successful!"

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"I don't remember when and where I came across HANDIEU, but I feel on my bones that it will be one of the most wonderful finds in my life..."

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