How do I see this project?

  • It is made for the community and with the community so everyone is an investor to its development and will benefit long-term! Indeed – TOGETHER we can make greater things!
  • I focus on small businesses that actually want to grow and learn!
  • As my promise to customers is that they support great people and their efforts – I need to see your work and project! There are no miracles in business. I am here to support you but I won’t make it for you…

So how does it work?

  • You start with a plan without any fees! There is only commission if you sell your products.
  • There are no listing fees, but there are limits in products depending on your plan. Everybody starts with 10 products only to make it fair and focused on the good offer. My focus is on small companies, I want it to be a marketplace where you compete with quality and design and not with quantity and price. So even with the premium plan there is a maximum of 60 products published.
  • Within the Starter Plan is kind of a trial period where we can see if we are working well together as Partners – that is how I see this cooperation. Then we decide for a long-term cooperation.
  • The longer you are with us and the more you sell your commission from sold products decreases and when you reach a certain level you will be offered special conditions – yes, I believe that everyone who truly contributes from the beginning should benefit from it in the end!
  • Do you also want to have a Partner and a Team?

What else do I do for you?

  • There is already a Facebook group for you where you can find great people to connect with and stay up-to-date with some special requests that we get from our customers!
  • I wrote many inspiring articles that you can use to organize better your own business – blog is a part of this concept to support you! I recommend that you check it before applying to the platform – there are many useful tips how to make it efficient!
  • You can also contribute to our projects by buying the eBook I wrote for you – you can find it on the blog as well πŸ™‚
  • If you still have doubts, I am here for you – you can ask for 1:1 consultations and we will organize your plan together! Also available on the blog πŸ™‚
  • I try to connect for you other specialists who can help you from accounting, legal and tax advisory and many other cooperations that unite and support small businesses!
  • The project is fresh and there are so many things done, new pieces of this huge project I launch every week – join us and be part of it!

More questions – check our FAQ!

What do you gain with HANDIEU?

Get direct payments
to your Stripe account!

You will get the payment staight away after customer's order! No need to wait πŸ™‚

Low commissions

We set low commissions thinking
about your business goals.
Each membership is adjusted
to the business level and lets you grow!

Focused on Quality

We limit all Sellers products so it doesn't matter if you are small or big - you compeete with quality and design and not number of your products. This way we can keep the quality for customers.

Manage your own shop
and withdrawals!

It is your business and you should be able to decide what you want to do about it - add a coupon, give free shipping or simply when you want to withdraw your money.

Only verified sellers

We pay attention to the marketplace quality so there are only European handcrafters who are dedicated to their businesses.

Reach all EU countries
in one place!

Our European scope is just perfect for every handicrafts business - gives you opportunity to grow within your capabilities!

Promote your own social media on your profile!

We want you to gain more followers on your social media as well! We know it serves your business better and we love to share your work on our social media as well!

Grow with us!

We are focused on making smaller shops and beginning Handcrafters become independant and grow with us!

Supportive community

Community is our basis from the beginning. We gather people who want to promote handicrafts across Europe
and want to learn and develop with us!

Import your products
from other platforms!

You know it is a lot of time to make a new shop on some platform... Fortunately, it can be faster if you export your products from other shops and upload them here πŸ™‚

Get tips and inspiration!

We want you to grow your business so we share with you useful tips and sources for inspiration how to make it better πŸ™‚

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How to Become a Seller

Prepare your project

Get ready before you start.

Read our Terms of Use, prepare your shop policies, delivery costs to each EU country, text about you and your crafts…

Apply for a membership

Fill in the application form.

Carefully fill in the application form so we are able to see your project and you – the person behind it!

Wait for approval

Use this time to improve.

Try not to waste time and look what you can do better when you start. Check our blog, join our group and get some inspiration!

Open your shop


Now you can start setting up your shop and start selling! πŸ™‚ Check on our blog how to do it the best way!

What do our handcrafters say about HANDIEU?

"There was never enough time and everything requires time. Then my handcrafts business was always postponed... Untill I met Aga and she has shown me different directions and gave me a lot of motivation to make it finally come true and the feeling that I am not alone in it!"

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"I am happy to have this possibility to learn so much! Yes! Because I have realized that I was making all possible mistakes while preparing my business before and now I feel that I am on the good way,
even if it still requires some time
to develop :)"

Image is not available

"Thank you for people like Aga: enterprising, passionate, showing initiative and collecting sensitive people like me, a bit clumsy and lost in the world of social media, marketing, still having trouble getting to people, self-confidence and their own creative possibilities..."

Image is not available

HANDIEU is the first handmade platform that has established direct contact with me and has shown a keen interest in my work.
I recommend HANDIEU to every handcrafter, both beginners and experienced, who are looking for an alternative to existing forms of sale."

Image is not available

"This is a selected offer,
authentic people behind, variety
of crafts and nothing "made in China" that is destroying our local market.
You feel that you belong
to a unique community"

Image is not available

"I have just started my adventure with handicrafts and first thing was to create an account on the biggest platform. But I was discouraged in the very beginning - everything so complicated and so hard to actually be seen. With HANDIEU I have learned, not only how the platform works but also how to make my own business successful!"

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"I don't remember when and where I came across HANDIEU, but I feel on my bones that it will be one of the most wonderful finds in my life..."

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More information about how to set up your account you will find in the Knowledge Base in your Seller’s Account once your application is approved.

For tips how to create a proper offer, read our blog Handmade in Europe dedicated to all different topics related with handicrafts business. You are also welcome to join our Facebook group European Handmade Crafters where you can exchange experiences with other Handcrafters and stay up-to date with our project πŸ™‚