Our mission
We are devoted to create a unique experience
for European handmade lovers
based on partnership and social value.

We believe that we can change many lives with this project. Starting from European handcrafters and local economics. Buying from our European handcrafters brings more money into our economics and enables more people to buy other products and services from our local companies.

We treat our sellers as partners. We want them to grow and find more customers across Europe. We provide them with common marketing and trainings which help them run successful businesses and build their own brands.

Our vision

We connect handmade lovers.

We help our partners to grow and become fully independent.

We support environmental resposibility and promote life balance in Europe.

We follow our hearts to build social value.

Our aim is to become the best European marketplace for Handmade products. A place where sellers will find real tools to bring their businesses into the next level. A place where customers will find truly unique products that will bring them and their family and friends a lot of joy. A place that will unite and boost European market in other areas. A place that supports remote jobs and life balance

We know that each of us can benefit more when we do something together - customers will get a range of unique products to choose from, sellers will have more customers and better negotiation possition with suppliers, and HANDIEU will be able to develop and hire more people from whole Europe!

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Follow your PASSION!

Everything starts
from a passion.
This is a key
to create an unique product or service.

Search for UNIQUENESS!

Everyone is one of a kind and the best way to represent yourself is to choose unique products.


You don't need to pretend you are someone else.
Being yourself is
the greatest value!

Find your

We believe that only balanced life can give you real happiness! Family, friends, work, hobby...


Europeans are people with great values and spirits. We know that together we can revive European market!


We treat our Sellers as Partners. We want to give them proper tools to grow - in business and personally.

Constantly LEARN and IMPROVE!

The world is running and we need to constantly learn and change
in order to develop.


The business can
serve more people
and environment
This is our goal!

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