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Handmade with passion for people!

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If you want to shine like a diamond, you've come to the right place! We are lucky to have Asia with us, who has been creating beautiful soutache jewelry for four years. Her products are very original, naturalistic, and for sure - they will suit every woman perfectly!

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Simona usually knits any possible time - while watching a movie, travelling and lately even while sitting in videocalls during long lockdowns 🙂 She loves the satisfaction to see a piece taking shape.

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From candle lover to candle maker – that’s how Emma describes her professional history. When passion turns into business , there's no other way but to do great things! Emma’s making eco-friendly, natural clean-burning candles with no or very mild scent.

Heart of Europe Candles
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Hanna fell in love with handcrafting when she was a kid – she claims herself that she’s been creating ‘something’ since she was 5!!! Hanna specializes in creating colorful, original and BEAUTIFUL jewelry. Does anyone have any doubts why she called her shop ‘Harika’, which in Turkish means ‘wonderful’? 😊

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Anna and Piotr share passion for music. He loves also photography, she spends time crocheting 🙂 He is a truck driver and she used to work as a manager for years. Now, they build a business to give smile to little ones with cute kids room decor 🙂

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Did you know…

  • HANDIEU was created by Aga Marecka, a Polish woman who lives in Belgium close to Luxembourg boarder where she has established the company.
  • She has been working on it for past year to make it a social concept!
  • One of her main goals is to unite Europe around handicrafts and small businesses.
  • As a fresh mother, she finds a lot of inspiration from motherhood for running a business with a patience, smile, focus on positive and learning from mistakes – trying some steps, maybe falling but getting up and trying again!
  • Last two years she was unemployed – first due to health problems, then pregnant. But she has spent this time to study more, e.g. French, programming and business development so one day she can start something herself. That is why one of the key values of HANDIEU is constant learning and improvement!
  • She has started reaching handcrafters by opening a Facebook group and giving some tips about business, marketing and understanding a customer.
  • Then she started the blog and this year her first eBook for handcrafters was launched!
  • She looks at people with empathy because as she says, she can associate with many people’s struggles. The reflection of it are her concept videos that you can watch here.
  • And even if the things are not going as we would like to, some of them are beyond our control, she tries to stay optimistic, keep on going and do not give up her dreams about a better future for Europeans and her daughter!

Contribute to revive
European market.

Our iniciative supports European market
on many levels. To find out more watch
our explainer video.

Get unique handmade gifts.

Are you looking for a gift idea for your family or friends? Nothing will please them more than a personalized handmade persent!
HANDIEU is all about joy of giving!

Feel safe.

We deliver you the most trusted options
of the leading payments processing
company - Stripe.

Support jobs creation.

By buying handmade products
you give jobs to handcrafters
and you let us grow to hire people
from all European countries.

Give a chance for a job to those who struggle the most.

Handcrafts are a solution for social groups
that have usually limited access
to the jobs market.
See our video explainer.

Become a part of the handmade lovers community!

We want to connect people who share European values of inclusion, tolerance, solidarity, non-discrimination prevail and other HANDIEU's values.

Support culture and arts.

Each handcraft is unique and special,
made from passion.
This way arts can be closer
and available to everyone.

Be yourself.

With a range of products
and a possibility to customize your product
you can be sure you will find something
that truly represents you!

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