European Handmade unique products and gifts ideas. Handmade in Europe. Small artisans from Europe only.

Handmade with passion for people!

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Simona usually knits any possible time - while watching a movie, travelling and lately even while sitting in videocalls during long lockdowns 🙂 She loves the satisfaction to see a piece taking shape.

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Hector is our engineer who has created material from recyclable coffee! Looking for an inspiration how to use it, he started making jewellery and collectibles!

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Anna and Piotr share passion for music. He loves also photography, she spends time crocheting 🙂 He is a truck driver and she used to work as a manager for years. Now, they build a business to give smile to little ones with cute kids room decor 🙂

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Marta is a true artist - always driven by emotions and influx of inspiration 🙂 Her paintings get names each time but she loves when people see different things in them! 🙂

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Renata's first piece of jewellery was made as a gift to her choir conductor 🙂 She wanted to offer her something unique and special! In the end she felt in love with creating and made
her own brand! 🙂

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Maybe some new home decorations?

Something unique for your little darling?

Are you searching for a new look?

Our New Arrivals!

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Get unique handmade gifts.

Are you looking for a gift idea for your family or friends? Nothing will please them more than a personalized handmade persent!
HANDIEU is all about joy of giving!

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Support jobs creation.

By buying handmade products
you give jobs to handcrafters
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Handcrafts are a solution for social groups
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to the jobs market.
See our video explainer.

Become a part of the handmade lovers community!

We want to connect people who share European values of inclusion, tolerance, solidarity, non-discrimination prevail and other HANDIEU's values.

Support culture and arts.

Each handcraft is unique and special,
made from passion.
This way arts can be closer
and available to everyone.

Be yourself.

With a range of products
and a possibility to customize your product
you can be sure you will find something
that truly represents you!

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